This experience was AMAZING! We loved our hike and the views were breathtaking. Alex made sure we were all comfortable and told us cool facts about the area as we hiked. She also came prepared and had extra snacks, water, TP, clothes and even made us yummy lunch. This was a great introduction to Colorado and we would definitely book an experience with her again!

— Ailyne from Katy, TX

As a first time hiker I was super nervous of what it would be like, especially with the high altitudes. First off Alex immediately made my husband & I feel very comfortable & welcome. The whole experience was super chill & just awesome. The other people we met only enhanced the experience. Alex had alot of knowledge of where we were going & let us do it all at Our own pace with zero pressure. She made us lunch & provided snacks as well. She genuinely loves what she does & it shows. I would recommend her 10x over because it truly was such an awesome day!

— Aleska from Philadelphia, PA

From the beginning Alex was very attentive and concerned about our expectations and interests. Everything went according to plan from the meeting point to lunch and completion of the track. I am not an athletic person at all and even though my group was more athletic than me, Alex and in general everyone were very understanding in waiting for me to recover when I needed to breathe, drink water or go to the bathroom. The experience is extraordinary, I highly recommend it, especially if you are looking to connect with nature and see incredible landscapes. I must highlight Alex’s work to a thousand percent, she is very empathetic and kind person, she knows well what she does and where she takes you and that makes you feel safe and confident all the time. I must thank her a lot as this is without a doubt one of the best experiences of my life and it leaves me with a priceless vacation memory. Live the experience you will not regret it. P.D. Food was great and the pictures are incredible, When you see them, you can’t believe that you had done that tour and you with the beautiful landscape as background you look like a pro.

— Luu from Omaha, NE

Alex is Awesome!!! She took care to make sure each one of us enjoyed the hike. Wonderful conversations, breathtaking scenery, warm and delicious burritos which Alex prepared with hot tea beside a frozen lake, we thoroughly enjoyed every moment! Alex genuinely loves nature and cares deeply about protecting the environment. She takes good photos of everyone and shares them with us at the end of the hike. However the actual scenery is way better than what any photo can capture!

— Krishna from State College, PA

The day trip with Alex was absolutely incredible! We booked this trip for our anniversary and couldn’t have asked for a better day. Everything about the trip was well planned. Right from the proactive communication to pickup. The hike through the snow was breathtaking. Alex was very warm and thoughtful. She cooked wonderful meals for us and her passion for nature stood out. The attention to detail was evident and she was overall a fantastic host. We really connected and I cannot recommend this experience enough. Would give this 10 stars out of 5 if possible. Will definitely book again when we’re in town again.

— Hitanchu from McLean, VA

Alex was incredible!!!! There is no one we’d rather hike with than her. She is extremely organized and pays attention to detail. The hike was all the more memorable because of her bubbly personality. We did a hike in the middle of winter and had so much fun! The views were breathtaking! We loved that she made us feel comfortable every step of the way. She had plenty of snacks and the lunch she made herself was AMAZING. She can accommodate any fitness level. Alex is well prepared and we made friends with her!! Thank you Alex for a once-in-a-lifetime experience (although we will definitely see you when we’re back)! This experience is a must-do!!!

— Daniela from New York, NY

Where do I begin?! First of all, Alex is a gem! A kind, witty and genuine person whose passion is obvious! We had a wonderful time hiking in the snow to see the most incredible views. She made sure we had enough layers for the cold, shoe spikes, a hot meal after the hike, and even drove us! She even took pictures of us! We truly couldn’t have asked for a better day. She made this experience relaxing and fun! No stress, no worry! She was so accommodating and made our group all feel like we were friends! Two of the girls on our trip were from Florida and it was their first time seeing snow. So neat! She accommodates every skill level and is very friendly to all! Take a hike with her, you will not regret it!

— Samantha from Abbottstown, PA

This was a fantastic trip. Well worth the money, you won’t get this type of experience with anyone other than Alex. BOOK THIS NOW

— Emanuel from Elkhart, IN

Alex was amazing! She is so kind and caring. I was impressed with her choice of hike for us for the day. It was not too difficult due to the many relaxed breaks you get to take. I was concerned that I would not be able to keep up with the group, but I was never made to feel that way. The hike was rewarding through out because of the many scenic photo ops. Alex created a once in a lifetime experience and I left feeling like I just spent the day with a group of friends I’ve known forever. As a solo traveler I would highly recommend this trip. Alex is amazing and really easy to connect with. Pick this trip and get a day full of magic!

— Chantal from Rapic City, SD